Private Instruction

Upper Deck Baseball Academy is pleased to offer private instruction for those wanting an individualized approach to learning baseball skills. We currently have 3 instructors: 

Ryan Watson

 Sam Lebel

Dawson Fascia

Josh Mendoza

Our rates are as follows:

  • 1:1 Instruction $120/hr Taxes Included
  • 2:1 Instruction $75/hr + HST, per person
  • 3:1 Instruction $50/hr + HST, per person
  • 4:1 Instruction $40/hr + HST, per person

Rates are based on an hour long session. Often in a 1:1 scenario, we will recommend 30 minute sessions at a rate of $60 (taxes included) per 30 minute session.

Our instructors can walk your young athlete through hitting, pitching (baseball), and fielding skills.

Please note that once a session is booked, it’s time slot is firm. Late arrivals will not be accomodated with added time to the end of the session. If unexpected events have lead to a late arrival please call ahead to let us know. If a session needs to be rescheduled we require 24 hours notice.

Booking is best done by directly emailing the instructor you wish to work with.

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